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Fashion Designer

Edward Lindgren

Fashion Designer

Edward Lindgren

Fashion Designer

Edward Lindgren

Nouveau Grunge

For several seasons now the ‘90s has been the decade to dip into. But instead of mom jeans, designers have gone all in on the grunge movement as set by Marc Jacobs in his iconic 1992 collection for Perry Ellis. Usual suspects like R13 styled Courtney Love slip dresses with Doc-inspired boots. But unexpected designers also tapped into the Angela Chase mindset: At Monse, safety pins secured tartan plaid skirts and dangled from fishnet tights; Louis Vuitton sent thrift-store-inspired petticoats down the runway; Valentino outfitted models in thick-soled lug boots and Burberry's plaids mingled among varsity stripes.


Tabel de marimi

Tabel mărimi femei - general

Bust78-82 cm83-88 cm89-93 cm94-97 cm98-102 cm103-108 cm108-113 cm114-118 cm119-124 cm125-129 cm130-134 cm
Talie59-63 cm64-67 cm68-71 cm72-76 cm77-81 cm82-87 cm88-91 cm92-95 cm96-102 cm103-106 cm107-110 cm
Șold85-89 cm90-93 cm94-97 cm98-102 cm103-107 cm108-111 cm112-115 cm116-120 cm120-125 cm126-129 cm130-133 cm

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